Upper Cab Spice Racks

Upper Cab Spice Racks

Upper Cab Spice Racks

For those of us who like to cook, one of the most cluttered cabinets in the kitchen is where the spices are located. Gone are the days when a salt and pepper shaker is all you need. Often times we have to fight through dozens of bottles just to find the one we need. Organizing this mess is a challenge. Newly designed kitchen cabinets have made great strides at building in spice racks, often in a slim pull-out base cabinet next to the stove. Draw inserts are now available, but these hold few bottles and take up a drawer usually dedicated to silverware.

So what can you do to your existing kitchen?

Countertop spice racks have been around for years and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but again, hold very few bottles. But what if you have 50 or more bottles, cans, and bags of spices? Woodworx has designed a great solution using upper cabinet spice storage racks that open up, giving access to dozens of spices. Available for either single or double-wide cabinets, these custom racks keep everything organized, visible, and even allows for storage at the back to the cabinet.

The rack above is designed for a double door cabinet and holds 80+ bottles in the racks alone. In addition, there is a shelf system behind this that holds even more odd-sized items, like spice cans and bags. All this in a standard 12″ deep upper cabinet! The series of four photos below show a single door system. This system can hold roughly 40 bottles, plus extra storage in back.

Single spice rack

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