Rotating Corner Storage

Rotating Corner Storage

Rotating Corner Storage

360° Organizer® FS by Lazy Lee®

The new corner concept, providing maximum storage capacity and versatility! Perfect storage solution for tight closets, kid’s rooms, craft rooms, or wherever maximum storage capacity is a must. Can be a stand-alone corner, or part of a full closet design. Standing 89″ tall, with a footprint of 40″ to 42″, the 360° Organizer® FS pivots on as innovative rotation mechanism, allowing easy and quiet operation.

This patent-pending design uses a mechanism to allow for 360 degrees of easy and quiet rotation, while dramatically increasing storage space. The unit spins 360 degrees manually and the rotation mechanism has been tested to hold over 9000 pounds.

The 360FS Series is a freestanding model which can be set into a full closet system or used as standalone storage. The 360 Built-In design is designed to spin within a cabinet which easily attaches and integrates into a larger closet system. The 360 Organizer® by Lazy Lee® is available in three configurations and over 30 colors. The shelves are also adjustable to accommodate all types of unique storage. The 360 Organizer® is perfect for closets, pantries, wine storage and so much more!

Standard units are 89″ or 91.5″ height depending on whether it is freestanding or built-in. The Shoe Spinner and the Valet fit into a 40″ x 40″ corner. The Double Hang model requires a 42″ x 42″ space. Custom configurations are also available. With the addition of a few accessories like pull-out wire baskets, wine cubes and pull-out bottle and spice racks, the 360 makes a perfect pantry. It can be built into a new closet, pantry or other system or integrated into an existing organization system.

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