Exterior French Doors

Replacing Exterior Doors

Replacing Exterior Doors

Upgrading the Functionality and Beauty of a Patio or Deck

One of the more dramatic things you can do to the exterior look of your home is to remove the old, tired and worn-out sliding glass doors, and replace them with high-efficient french doors. We recently did just that by removing 2 sets of 9′ long (3 foot wide x 3) sliders with a transom window above, and a standard 5′ long double slider. In this case, the triple sliders were especially difficult to remove because they were pinned in by a raised tile floor on the inside, and brick pavers on the exterior. This “trapping” of the sliders provided a trough for water to sit, rotting the wooden side jambs and rusting the bottom track.

Old sliding glass doorsOur goal was to raise the bottom of the new doors to the current tile height, and add rot-resistant jambs and exterior trim to eliminate any potential water damage in the future.

One note about replacing sliders with french doors…they are different heights!. The rough openings for sliders tend to be a bit shorter than standard doors, mainly due to the lack of a solid wood frame around the door. In our case, we also had issues with the sill to consider, AND we were removing the transom windows above the triples, and replacing them with full height french doors. For these, we needed to order 8′ tall door slabs, and cut nearly 5″ off before making the cutout for the glass insert (which was dual-pane, Low-E insulated glass.)

The result was a new bank of energy efficient french doors that look much better, perform better, and will not rot thanks to using composite jambs and AZEK PVC trimboards on the exterior.

If you live in the Central Florida area and would like new exterior doors added to your home, call Woodworx for expert advise and superior installation.

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