Office Bookcase

Conceals Air Conditioning Unit
Project Info

This unique office bookcase was driven by the need to hide a new A/C air handler that was installed in this whole house renovation. The beautiful home was a remodel of an older home and a new efficient cooling system was needed. The only problem was where to put it. A front room, turned office space, was the best solution, but no closet was built for it at time of construction.

Having completed all the trimwork on the customer’s previous home, Woodworx was called in to design and build a niche bookcase and A/C closet. The large upper doors on the left house the massive air handler sitting on a platform. The panels below are purely decorative, as the air intake part of the system is located elsewhere. The bookcase itself features two filing cabinet drawers, and a pull-out computer printer shelf hidden behind a door. Low voltage LED lights illuminate the bookcase and are completely dimmable.


On a total remodel of an older home, the new large air handler for the A/C unit had to be placed in a front room once used as a dining room. The new owner’s have turned this room into a home office, and needed to hide the A/C. This custom bookcase/closet did just that, and optimized the space for books, filing, and computer printer. Low voltage puck lighting completed the design.

March 15, 2016
Winter Park, Florida
Cabinetry, Interior Design, Storage