Kitchen Island Panels

Kitchen Island Panels

Kitchen Island Panels

Many times, our projects become larger than planned. Here is a good example.

We were called to a home for a simple crownmolding installation. When chatting with the owner, we began discussing their new custom cabinetry. It was really nice work…unique raised panel profiles and a spray finish with antique glazing. The conversation then went to the tile countertop, which the owner did himself (again, nice work.) What stood out however, was the stained paneling installed as a backsplash, which followed through on the outside of the center island.

This was a job hired out to a carpenter who, lets say, left his bag of skills back at the shop. Apparently it was so bad that the owner actually removed the end pieces because they were so awful. The owner’s wife said she went into her car and cried (not in a good way) when she saw the final product.

I suggested that the island match the new cabinetry. This seemed obvious! Apparently however, the other carpenter couldn’t handle it; and the original cabinet company wanted big bucks for 9 oversized panels and needed several weeks to do it. Plus, they couldn’t find the paperwork regarding the finish, so they had no idea what it was.

Island side panel

When Woodworx finished the job, they had a perfectly matched set of panels and trim that blended seamlessly with their new cabinets. We did it in just over 1 week (installed) and for much less than the big cabinet shop. Both owners were now grinning from ear to ear. “That’s what we wanted to begin with!” They were so happy, they even removed the backsplash themselves and installed new tiling to accent the cabinets.

If you have a job that just didn’t turn out right, don’t dispare. WoodWorx can still bring your vision to light! Call us today!

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