Countertop Templating

Countertop Templating

Countertop Templating

The Precision Method for Creating Countertops

You may have seen digital templating shown on your favorite DIY show. This innovation makes building solid surface countertops easy and accurate, plus it gives the designer-builder the chance to tweek the corners and overhangs on the spot. Another benefit of digital templating, is that they can adjust for any imperfections in the walls, like rolls due to studs not being even, or just drywall issues. This is rather common based on studs bowing, or being poorly installed at the framing stage.

Once the technician gets the shape inputted into a laptop computer, he can then modify the radius of any corner, giving you the opportunity to change the look before they even cut into the stone. A perfect example of this is a bar top or half wall cap. Get these corners right, now! Once they start cutting, you get what you get!

When the final piece arrives, it fits like a glove, which makes the installation process go much easier. So beware if you order your granite from the local discount granite store and they show up with a tape measure and pad of paper (yes, I have seen this!). You are about to get discount craftsmanship too. Only proper templating and a CNC router will produce the best results.


This picture shows my granite company rep that works with me. He is templating for the Blue Pearl granite top for the Cottage Kitchen remodeling project. This came in several pieces to fit the u-shaped work area, and the cooking area. The seams were not even noticeable, as you’ll see in an upcoming post…stay tuned!

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