Cottage Update

Cottage Kitchen Update

Cottage Kitchen Update

Our latest remodel of a 50’s cottage home has progressed. Once the walls came down (well, the drywall at least) we were able to make a few repairs and modifications to the kitchen, including the addition of a bar height stub wall. The opposite wall was widened at the base, and the upper section was opened up to increase the view into the living room, and the lake beyond.

To compensate for the skewed house, some leveling was done to the floor. This got it pretty close to level, without having a cliff on the other end. Any more adjustments would be done to the cabinetry and the tile flooring. All rough wiring was done at this stage.

Tiled cottage kitchenHere are things starting to get back together. The ceiling was scraped and knockdown texture added, drywall taped and mudded, and the floor tiled. This tile actually continues outside in the lanai, which was done first. All grout lines lined up on both sides of the sliding doors, for a professional job.

Next, the cabinets will be installed, countertops, appliances, and fresh paint will complete this job.

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